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After reviewing the Word of God, we now may summarize the teaching of Jesus about divorce and remarriage. Please keep in mind that God focuses most on who filed for divorce and obtained the final judgment of divorce.

1. God’s Plan of Marriage. God created man, woman, and marriage. No person should separate the man and woman God has joined together in marriage–no exceptions. Matthew 19:1-9, page 1534.

2. Hard-Hearted Divorce. Every person who files for divorce has a hard-heart and sins by filing for divorce–no exceptions. Matthew 19:8, page 1534.

3. Adultery after Divorce. Every person who files for divorce always has a hard-heart–no exceptions. Every person filing for divorce adds a further sin if he/she divorces for any reason other than the other spouse recently committed immorality during the marriage (remember what “recently” means above–you have not taken the immoral spouse back into the marriage). Matthew 19:9, page 1534.

    A. Immorality. Every spouse who divorces the other spouse for any reason other than the  immorality of the other spouse causes the innocent spouse to commit adultery. Matthew 5:32, page 1508.

     B. New Spouse Every person who marries a person who divorced his/her spouse commits adultery. Matthew 5;32, page 1508.

4. Remarriage. Some people may remarry with God’s blessing.

     A. Innocent Spouse. If your spouse has divorced you for any reason other than immorality, you may remarry with God’s blessing because you are now unmarried, and you should marry rather than burn with passion; if you have the gift of self-control, then you do not need to remarry. 1 Corinthians 7:9, page 789.

     B. Hard-Hearted Spouse. If your spouse did not commit immorality during the marriage, and yet you still divorced your spouse, then you may not remarry with God’s blessing. Matthew 5:32, page 1508; Matthew 19:9, page 1534.

     C. Divorce for the Purpose of Remarriage Every person who divorces his/her spouse and marries another person commits adultery. Matthew 5:32, page 1534.

4. Unbelievers and Divorce. Believers happen to be married to unbelievers because of many circumstances. In all those circumstances, Jesus applies the same commands described above.

   A. Remain Married to the Unbeliever Every believer married now to an unbeliever must not divorce the unbeliever so that the believing spouse may be a sanctifying and saving influence upon the unbelieving spouse and the children of the marriage. 1 Corinthians 7:12-16, page 1789.

    B. The Unbeliever Divorces the Believer.  If the unbelieving spouse divorces the believing spouse, then the believing spouse may remarry and enjoy the peace of God. 1 Corinthians 7:15, page 1789.

I understand the exegesis described above does not match the mainstream teaching, on many points, in the church today regarding divorce and remarriage. I only care what the Word of God teaches, not what men teach. Every believer must make their own decisions about faith after careful study of the Word of God. Please do adopt any view in this study, until you have studied the Word of God for yourself. No matter where you stand today inside or outside of marriage, the Lord Jesus Christ loves you and intends for you to have an abundant life in Him. I urge you to have peace with God.